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Multi-Sport Youth Athletic Program

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Any and All Youth Athletes. Any Sport. Come Do Work. Find Out For Yourself . 

Wanna learn, wanna hurt, wanna work, wanna push your athletic limits. Any youth athlete interested in pushing yourself to your limits contact us  for weekly athletic program schedule. Open door invitation to come find out where your at and where you are trying to be. 

Program Includes:

👉Top of the  Training Facility in Lahaina

👉Highly Knowledgeable Leader, Trainor, and Weight training Specialist.

👉 Individual Goal setting and Athletic Balance pathway reports

👉Athlete Tracking and Relative Results program. 



If you have never trained before we challenge you to come. 

If you are a seasoned athlete we challenge you to absorb new knowledge. Find out where you are athletically as it relates to your age group and subsequent competition. 

Either way definitive measurements, results and how they compare to your relative population mass will determine your success at any sport on every level. 

For Information on Schedule, Rides, and Program info. simply contact us. No matter your sport, your goals or your current skill level,  The Program can be a huge educational tool you should use to your advantage. 

Let's Go. Don't say you weren't invited. You can't say you couldn't afford it. And the only thing between you and your individual goals is your own doubt. 

Invest in yourself and double down. 

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